Ten Free Windows Programs You Should Never Miss

Turn your windows computer to an amazing stuff. Here are a few of additional programs you need to know. There is always a lot of confusion arising from which one to choose.

free Windows program

VLC Player: In terms of a video player you can choose VLC player. This is an opensource program which contains a lot of new features and is excellent in playing all sorts of files. You don’t need to install anything extra. It has a lovely interface and various skins are too available. The sound of this player is higher than other players. You can give it a try.

7zip: If you need a archive you need to get this one. It is much better than others and it has other formats that are not available with winzip or winrar. It has a clean interface and can be freely downloaded. For every windows user it is a must. Continue reading “Ten Free Windows Programs You Should Never Miss”

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