The Internet Explorer 11 will come also for Windows 7

Microsoft has decided that the browser version present in the latest version of Windows 8.1 also has its counterpart for Windows 7. As was done with IE10, which finally came to Windows 7 after a few months of waiting, the more recent browser version of the well-known owner of Microsoft also will see the light for the previous operating system, as reported in the Build 2013.


There have not been many details regarding the changes that will be presented to Windows 7, but at least in the latest version 8.1 has been working to improve “significantly” the speed of navigation, and that the browser will use less battery resources in the case of laptops. It also announced new support for WebGL and MPEG dash, which will run more smoothly multimedia content. Continue reading “The Internet Explorer 11 will come also for Windows 7”

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