Advantages that brings iOS 9 to iPhone 6 Plus

The new operating system of Apple has arrived and with it we have interesting news for to enhance our power, more if possible, the performance of their star devices like iPhone 6 Plus. The iOS 9 offers more autonomy and important changes. Do you want to know what the advantages are? Keep reading to discover them all.

iOS 9 to iPhone 6 Plus

First, installing the iOS 9 will get a better autonomy for your mobile, since this operating system consumes less battery power than previous and includes a low power mode that gives us an extra hour of battery. It is certainly a great advantage because then we can get more of our iPhone 6 Plus and use it for longer without relying on both the charger. Also it is positive the fact that it occupies less and you will be able to use more memory of the device for personal files or applications. The iOS 8 occupied 4.58 GB, but the iOS 9 occupies only 1.3 GB, so that we have more space for other content. Continue reading “Advantages that brings iOS 9 to iPhone 6 Plus”

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