Microsoft buys SwiftKey: Would again assail the mobile market?

As for keyboards for mobile phones, there are hundreds of applications with all kinds of features. In due time we already started looking for the best alternatives, turning out to be surprised due to the existing variety. However, in recent months the sector has fallen slightly. That means that the companies involved have had to find other ways to finance. And others, of course, have been provided for sale.

Microsoft buys SwiftKey

Microsoft has taken a new step in terms of acquiring outside companies. This time he has gone to the market of keyboards for smartphones. The announcement was made a few hours ago: have bought SwiftKey, one of the most popular applications for Android and iOS. The Redmond company has had to be left a total of 250 million dollars in the process, although there is no doubt that they will capitalize on it. Continue reading “Microsoft buys SwiftKey: Would again assail the mobile market?”

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