PDF4Kindle: Converts PDF files to Kindle’s MOBI format

If you come across a PDF file that you need to read on your phone or Kindle, and although some phones and the same Kindle allows you to read PDF format, the PDFs do not always look good on a Kindle, especially if they contain a lot of text and graphics. To maintain full compatibility, we need to convert them to MOBI format.


For the conversion we do not need any complications, or resorting to external programs for windows, Mac and Linux (such as Calibre), whichcould easily convert to PDF. What we will do is simply enter PDF4Kindle website, in where through a single click will accomplish the conversion. It even has an extension for Chrome if it is that we tend to convert many PDF to MOBI format. Continue reading “PDF4Kindle: Converts PDF files to Kindle’s MOBI format”

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