Puran Defrag 7.5: Amazing Free disk defragmenter

Puran Defrag is undoubtedly an amazing hard disk defragmenter, which although not noted for its interface, which makes the quality of its results.

Puran Defrag

Puran Defrag allows disk defragmenter quickly with PIOZR, smart defrag technology designed by PuranSoftware, moving files and directories used to areas of faster disk access, thus optimizing system speed and improving hard disk performance. What’s more, Puran Defrag is responsible for performing optimization tasks in the content of your disk, to delay the process of fragmentation.

Puran Defrag is fast in disk defragmentation, not in the optimization to avoid this fragmentation and defragment and optimize your hard drive, but we are working on the system (not recommended to do this because it slows the process and get worse). Continue reading “Puran Defrag 7.5: Amazing Free disk defragmenter”

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