Television via P2P on PC, the best programs

Internet has become commonplace. Almost all computers are connected to the network and allow all kinds of activities from instant messaging and video calls over the world to transfer files and the ability to view via streaming video.

tv via p2p

Here we analyze the different P2P programs that exist today to watch TV online, saving money on cable signals and can turn monitor into a TV tuner or leverage the tools of a Smart TV supported.

One of the technologies used to watch TV on the Internet is P2P (peer to peer), users share part of their bandwidth with all users who are watching the channel and thus better speed is reached and playback quality.

The drawback of this type of playback channels is that the emission arrives with a time delay, in the worst cases to several minutes.

The best programs to watch P2P TV:

Sopcast: One of the most popular programs for playing tv via P2P. Most of the channels are in Chinese and Arabic, some in English and Spanish. Its main advantage is that it allows our own emissions.

TVUPlayer: This application is the most comfortable and complete. It has a service to save playlists so you can quickly switch between your favorite channels.

TvAnts: the third recommendation is a bit difficult to use because it is in Japanese, but provides the best audio and video quality. The secret? We must find the links to our favorite shows and channels in specialized forums that abound on the web.

Do you want to watch TV from your PC easily and using your Internet connection? Then choose one of these options and start following your favorite shows directly from your PC.

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