Ten Free Windows Programs You Should Never Miss

Turn your windows computer to an amazing stuff. Here are a few of additional programs you need to know. There is always a lot of confusion arising from which one to choose.

free Windows program

VLC Player: In terms of a video player you can choose VLC player. This is an opensource program which contains a lot of new features and is excellent in playing all sorts of files. You don’t need to install anything extra. It has a lovely interface and various skins are too available. The sound of this player is higher than other players. You can give it a try.

7zip: If you need a archive you need to get this one. It is much better than others and it has other formats that are not available with winzip or winrar. It has a clean interface and can be freely downloaded. For every windows user it is a must.

Notepad++: Are you used to rely heavily on editors, then you can replace your notepad with notepad++. It has a gnu license and it has syntax support for almost all programming languages. Multiple files can be opened in tabbed view and easier to use with. It has a lot of different functionality compared to others and it is truly free from all forms of licenses.

Filezilla: This is a perfect ftp program. It has a gnu license and a lot popular. It can be used to upload multiple files at a time and perfect for all users. It has advanced capabilities and it is worth a try.

XAMPP: Have you ever thought of running a server on your computer. Then XAMPP is a good choice. It contains apache, mysql and php.

AVG: Antivirus is one of the most essential softwares for a computer. But most of them come with a hefty price tag. But some antivirus companies like avast, avira and avg gives free home protection anti viruses for free. You can try any of these.

Firefox: In case of internet browsers Firefox is favorite. It offers good browsing experience and the best its addon facility. It is the one of the most popular browsers and it offers a lot of functionality. Newer versions even provide private browsing capability which does not store your history. It has better security features than Internet Explorer and a huge support too.

Gimp: It is a photo editing software like photoshop but it is free. It is not as advanced as photoshop but enough for everyone. It is a software with gnu license and has is very user friendly. Most of photo editing activities can be done with it.

uTorrent: One of the best torrent client. It uses less memory and has good functionality. It is very small in size and can be downloaded free of cost. It has a nice interface and has good support.

Wireshark: Even though it is not very important in home, it is indeed very powerful in network analysis and scanning. It can be used to examine data in the network and various symptoms of network attacks.

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