Text Mode for Chrome: displays the websites without any image

In some web sites we are interested in, the information we want to see, is surrounded by a multitude of ads, images, flash animations and videos. In these cases, it is sometimes larger content not relevant that what really interests us, making it more difficult to understand and find the information that we seek.

Text Mode for Chrome

There are some extensions that can help highlighting only the main content of the page, leaving aside everything else. Among them is Text Mode for Chrome, a new extension to load only what we see and nothing more.

The “cleansing” of web pages is achieved by a method that is not very refined but that it is effective. Thing we will see is only text, no images, videos or flash. The places we have to take everything that is not text will be hidden by a web of unsightly gray and white lines become somewhat annoying to the view. Currently there has configuration options to change the colors or define a solid color for spaces with images blocked.

The extension can be activated on user request because it is not designed to work permanently and block all sites. You can serve to block a certain amount of publicity that Adblock extensions cannot avoid. Not suitable for anyone who wants a website showy, colorful and with many windows here and there.

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