The first details of Windows 9 will be released in April

Microsoft will release the first details of Windows 9 on a company event, to be held in San Francisco next April. Although mentioned a few months ago that Windows 9 would just be a collection of updates, it seems to be a completely new OS, which already has code name: Threshold.

Windows 9

Threshold improves many of the features of the current Windows 8.1, improving the interface of Windows 8. Metro will continue to be the basis of Windows 9, this time it seems that Microsoft will implement some “suggestions” made by users, while Metro apps will run on the classic desktop.

It has also emerged that Microsoft will polish the Metro programming code, although not mentioned what will things improve or change, if necessary. One of the things that angered many Windows users was the disappearance of the Start Menu and although Windows 8.1 brought it back, it is said that in Windows 9 will be return even more pronounced.

Another feature that you have in mind is to unify somehow Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One; three OS will share characteristics and updates to be unified in the only one, perhaps with the arrival of Windows 10.

Finally, Threshold will need to get a trade name for the end user. It seems that Microsoft will in principle the current nomenclature of numbers, but apparently is preparing something new for Windows 9. But no less important is the goal of Microsoft to improve the user experience of their last OS.

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