The Linux Foundation is trying to ensure the installation of Linux on Windows 8

Both the Linux Foundation and responsible for some Linux distros, work to avoid the blocking of the UEFI of Windows 8 and in obtaining digital keys from Microsoft.

installation of Linux on Windows 8

A few months ago, it was announced that Windows 8 would use a protection system that would recognize all the operating system that it wasn’t Windows 8, as malware. All this, thanks to the UEFI secure boot, that Microsoft will implement on computers that incorporate Windows 8 as main system.

The work of UEFI is to prevent the installation of any software or OS that does not comply with Microsoft security policies. Simply, those programs that are provided with installers not compatible with Microsoft digital keys and security code could not be installed.

The news has provoked the alarm in the Linux community. And even though it months ago Microsoft chairman denied that the UEFI block other operating systems, the Linux Foundation’s people already working obtaining digital key that would allow the installation of Linux on computers Supported by Windows 8. All of this, that is not the way for UEFI to recognize officially to Linux.

Micosoft allows user-generated keys on x86, but not on those with ARM architecture. The latest developments of these boots would be working on various Linux distros, allow installation on both architectures.

Both Ubuntu, Fedora and SuSe work separately (as always occurs within the Linux community) to ensure that their OS will be recognized by the UEFI of Windows 8.

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