The myth of Linux and 1%

Every time you mention some percentage that refers to the use of all major operating systems, you will have seen that Linux is no more than 1%, sometimes even less. Have you ever wondered why Linux always appears with a percentage that would lead us to think that does not use or family of Linus Torvalds?

myth of Linux

We assume that Linux is not as a mainstream OS such as Windows. We have mentioned many times that the power of Windows is unsurpassed marketing, coupled with the fact that it is installed on almost all computers sold in the market. If you buy a new computer, it is more likely to come with Windows. This leads people to prefer it because it is the OS that has always used, in part because each computer has ever bought came with Windows already installed. However, Linux has more than 1%, as show after the jump.

According to ABI Research, Linux accounted for 32% of the netbook market in 2009, despite being almost impossible to get in stores accessories. This number does not include sold with dual boot systems in which Windows is considered the default operating system. And we are in 2013…

Consider also that, for the statistics, every computer sold with Windows will continue to count as a sale over Windows, but the first thing you do when you get home is to format and install Linux.

Another interesting fact is given by the same Steve Ballmer, of Microsoft, when he recently mentioned that one of the great enemies of Windows was Linux, with a market share, according to Ballmer, hovered about the same as that of Apple. We’re talking about 8%, which puts Linux on the same level as Mac OS. This 8% translates to 24 million sets a year sold with pre-installed Linux.

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