These are the recommendations of Edward Snowden to protect privacy

Edward Snowden has become a real personality on the Internet. No wonder: after working for years for the NSA and filter documents showing that we were spying in every possible way, he is now in Russia, reporting on the ways that we have to protect our privacy. According to his comments, we are watching from all kinds of devices, even when they are turned off. Of course, it is possible to use alternatives.

protect privacy

Snowden himself has recently published several useful tips to protect our privacy and security. This is more or less small simple steps to use and help us undetectable on the computer and mobile devices, in addition to preventing from being able to continue track us. If you want to keep you a secret, you can follow them.

First of all, Edward recommends encrypting phone calls and text messages, which is achieved using Signal, a free application developed by Open Whisper Systems, which can be downloaded to mobile devices. In terms of security techniques, it also recommends to encrypt the hard drive so that in case of being stolen, no one can know what is stored.

The use of a password manager is also essential, especially now that violate one is so simple. It’s not just that we should use multiple passwords for all our services. The fact is that the proper safety phrases must be strong. Finally, the two-step verification is also extremely important when you log on to a service. Snowden recommended its activation, as far as possible.

Although it is only four tips, it is true that implementing them will help you to enhance both your safety and your privacy. Something that we strongly recommend.

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