Three free tools to do portable programs

Portable programs have many advantages for, when compared with the versions to be installed on the hard disk. The first is the advantage of portability because it can run on any computer, keeping your settings. And the second most important thing is to not settle, leaves no trace in different locations of the disc, but everything will be contained in a folder in a USB key, in the same hard drive or even in the cloud, within a Dropbox account.


In addition to the known sites to download portable applications such as PortableApps, there is the possibility that we convert ourselves an application or portable program. The final version of the program developed, it may not be exactly like the original, but in most cases it can work in the same way that if you did a full install version. We are going to see then, to three free tools that are used to convert any program in the portable.

The first and best known is Cameyo, allowing us to convert any executable program it to disk or directly through its online tool, which will give us the final program. It also contains a library of nearly 400 programs that you can download.

Enigma Virtual Box is another application that will do a job similar to Cameyo, where all the program files, their registry entries and their DLLs are combined into a single executable file. For this you must locate the executable program in question and add the other files in the same folder, either through dialog boxes or dragging to Enigma Virtual Box interface.

Evalaze is the third tool in concerned, with a virtualization principle that is similar to the previous ones. However, Evalaze adds its own sandbox, where we can run the program in a protected environment.

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