Thunderbird has become a small problem for Mozilla

Thunderbird is one of the most popular email clients in the world. Downloads from the official servers is counted by thousands daily, but the truth is that the very existence of the project might pose a bigger problem than you might think for the Mozilla Foundation. And it is that the same might be thinking to suspend the long-term development.


Mitchell Baker, one of the most popular people in the Mozilla, has admitted in a recent statement that Thunderbird has become a small problem that is removing resources to the project that most interested in: Firefox. In fact, the browser has a potential that is not contemplated in Thunderbird, which are considering taking action.

Baker has put forward the following:
Many of our workers feel the need to focus on projects that have an impact on the industry. Thunderbird, now, does not have that impact. We do not want to leave the client, but we’re trying to find a great potential. Thunderbird changes are limited to basic security updates and modifications. Just extended support.

Basically, what Mozilla has done is limit the respect of Thunderbird support, making much slower pitches, and allocating more resources to the development of Firefox. It seems that the e-mail client has become a drawback for the Foundation, which could “give the kick” over the coming months.

For now, Thunderbird will continue to receive updates, but can not ensure a fact that will remain part of the Mozilla Foundation in the long term. We will continue using it while reaching more developments.

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