Tinywall: a little help to the Windows firewall

Tinywall is a firewall that is adapted to Windows and improving its capabilities by adding new rules of operation and characteristics.


There are firewalls of all types: some are too involved in trying to stop external threats to the operating system, others do half and others that do little to protect us. Unfortunately in the last group is the Windows firewall.

To give you an idea, some of the firewall of third party automatically disabled the Windows firewall as bad. The first advantage is that Tinywall uses the same criteria of filtration as the Windows Firewall, so it does not use any type of driver to run itself.

As its name implies, this is a firewall that will not lock or extreme problems running some programs that appear to be particularly vulnerable to other firewalls that impose more restrictions on the connection between the OS and ports. Remains to be seen if Tinywall is safe enough to be trusted with our security.

In addition to being able to control which connections will be blocked and which not, there are also several operating modes which ranging from which stops all the connections to the totally free firewall, through an appropriate mode for those who are initiated into this firewall, Auto-learn mode.

The merit of Tinywall is not creating new blocking rules in addition to those already have Windows, but to extend the capabilities and improve the Windows firewall. The effectiveness depends on the degree of filtering of connections that you want to give and the fact not be as restrictive or as problematic as other firewalls, makes it worthwhile.

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