Top 5 alternative browsers

We normally use Firefox, Chrome or Opera as alternative browsers on the web but there are many other interesting options which give us a unique and quite fast, so here we present 5 alternative browsers that have great potential to be used by the person who so desires.


K-Meleon is possibly the best known of this list but that’s because this browser is extremely fast, lightweight and configurable. K-Meleon uses Gecko (Mozilla) engine and has support for tabs, supports multiple profiles and can be expanded with some plugins. Actually an interesting option if you want to surf at full speed on Windows.

Although Rekonq is only compatible with Linux (used much on KDE), this browser is quite beautiful as well if you look like the interface and also navigate at high speed (one of the fastest) this can be a great option. In addition, Rekonq offers support for webapps and synchronization of data, only weakness is that sometimes it is something unstable but the version 1.0 will come out soon.

Browzar is the only one on the list that is based on the engine that uses Internet Explorer, this makes it extremely compatible. Browzar has highly advanced privacy options which make it a pretty ideal option to surf anonymously. Also, the execution file is not heavy and can be used as portable application.

Qupzilla, a browser based on Webkit and Qt but that is very similar to Firefox and even supports some extensions. Qupzilla is quite fast and besides having modern features like an RSS reader, support for anchoring tabs and ad blocker is fairly light.

Amaya may be the best equipped of all because this program in addition to being a navigator is a web editor. In fact we can browse and edit at the same time a web to update it at the same time in which to browse. Among other things provides remote access and open source software.

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