TorrentTags warns you of the torrents that can be dangerous

Download content using P2P networks is increasingly dangerous. A few years ago we could do it with total disregard. However, the law has progressed and some countries do this is punishable by fines of different amounts. It is clear that many users avoid carrying out the activity.


Of course, there are many groups who are working to bring the contents to peer networks. The bad thing is that behind some of these contents lie the popular anti-piracy companies, dedicated to check the IPs that are downloading files, and then proceeding to fine users.

A group of software developers in Austria are trying to stop this trend. Thanks to their knowledge have been able to start the web TorrentTags dedicated to display information about those torrentswhich could endanger the users themselves. First they use the Chilling Effects database to import the details of the files that have been reported by the DMCA by Google, Twitter or Facebook. On the other hand, “they call” to the titles of their own copyright in order to give them details on the content that do not want to share.

The end result is what you see on the page: a database with torrents that might be dangerous for users. Those which, when downloaded, could involve warnings or fines. TorrentTags developers have warned that the owners of the materials may warn about the contents that are copyrighted. They are available to developers to help them all out.

The truth is that the idea of TorrentTags is very good. Users can be warned about downloads that could give problems. Moreover, they are rights holders that can also warn themselves. It helps both users and owners. In the end, the material that will stay will be only genuine.

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