TouchMail, Microsoft’s new application to manage emails

A few years ago we complained that Microsoft was not innovate at all, and that its software market was not as wide it should, now we have to swallow our words and change mind. The company is putting both batteries which are surprising us with the tasks being carried out. The results are quite promising, so there is no doubt that the work is very good.


Microsoft announced their new project, TouchMail, an email client that allows us to manage our emails in a very interesting way. The company wanted to change the way in which we invest our time, making everything simpler and without as many complications as we already have.

The highlight of TouchMail is that we can organize our emails with the “strength” of our fingers and colors. We’ll just make some gestures to go confirming what we want to done with the messages. Very easy to carry out and we will not too much trouble.

The truth is that the application has left us a little surprised. Microsoft workers have managed to sort out its various functions to achieve a simple product, but that also allow us to perform all operations quickly.

The bad news is that, for the moment, TouchMail is only available for devices running Windows operating system. We do not know if it will come to other platforms, but we must recognize that not be a bad idea.

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