Trinity Rescue Kit: Linux antivirus for Windows

Sometimes when a Windows computer has been attacked by one or more viruses, it may be impossible to delete them from Windows; it has reached the point where the computer does not start. But the solution to these extreme cases comes from the Linux side, with relief distributions created to eliminate viruses.

Trinity Rescue Kit

We refer to one specific, Trinity Rescue Kit, a small distribution made in Linux, that we are going to serve almost perfectly to clean any virus “rebel” that we want to play a nasty trick on our computers. As a distribution that can run from RAM and not in use the system files required for Windows to run (likely to be infected) can clean the disc without any problem.

The remarkable thing about Trinity Rescue Kit is that we have at our disposal the five different antivirus engines to choose from: nothing less than ClamAV, AVG, F-Prot, Avast! and BitDefender. In addition to antivirus capabilities, we can reset the password of Windows, has support for NTFS disks, you can clean unnecessary files from the disk, run a Samba server, update the antivirus from Trinity, recover partitions, detect rootkits…

Anyway, can this be the best alternative antivirus in existence? Probably. Just because you can mess with the system files, inaccessible most of the time since Windows and hard to clean those viruses. For those who don’t be afraid of the command line, you can also use it with Trinity, but it is almost unnecessary; the majority of the options are integrated into a text menu. Highly recommended.

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