Tumblr is the social network with faster growth

As the latest report of the analyst firm GlobalWebIndex, the social network Tumblr is by far the fastest grown in the world, far exceeding Facebook, as this to have a lot of users seem to have bottomed out and now struggle to make new users to keep them actively.

tumblr analysis

If we stop to see the data corresponding to the second half, we can see that Tumblr has grown by 45 percent in terms of new users, while in terms of active people; this network has increased by 120 percent. With these figures, the social network run by Yahoo! is positioned to the first in growth of new users.

Recently, eyes were on Instagram, social network that spent time positioned in the first place, however, it seems that this network has already reached its equilibrium like Twitter or LinkedIn, so that in its day to day there are few customers, while maintaining large numbers of participation, from what at the moment it is not possible to say that these should have any problem.

But within these statistics there is something surprising and should be analyzed. The first of all is that Tumblr is not a new social network, for what will be that study carefully what more is calling attention to the users. We will be attentive to the upcoming studies to get out of doubt.

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