TunnelBear: Smart VPN

The programs and web sites dedicated to VPN allow us skip some limitations in Internet and surf anonymously. While most of these programs have a setup that leaves no room for mistakes, some are harder than others to set up. However, TunnelBear offers interface that does not major problems and some interesting features.


Installation only requires the creation of account in TunnelBear, it only requires your name, password and email address. Everything else is automatically set by the program. The second step is to choose a country to host the VPN and currently only has the options of USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Japan.

The interesting thing is that there are no major impediments to navigate from the VPN, except for a traffic restraint 500Mb per month, unlike other VPN where we are sent to crowded servers or speed restrictions that come to despair, we can increase the limit tweeting about the service or directly buying unlimited access for just under 4 euros per month.

One feature that has TunnelBear is “vigilante mode” that prevents unwanted connections if VPN disconnects. The other feature is that the speed reduction that is common in the VPN is not as pronounced in TunnelBear, even with the free version.

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