Turning off the computer automatically

Today many people use computers to watch movies and listen to music at night, either before bed or along rest. And sometimes not turn off the TV because we were asleep, the computer also causes forgetfulness to fall asleep. Sleep# saves us the trouble of having to get up before bed to turn it off because it is a program that can schedule time it will turn off, plus some other features.


The install program is very small, less than 2MB download, but for much more than what its name says. And we can actually program the computer to Sleep# to turn off at a specific time, but we can not just turn it off, but force their way into hibernate or sleep mode.

We may also program a slow shutdown, where we do fade audio, video or have the logo of Sleep# is displayed on the screen. This mode can be canceled by simply pressing a key or move the mouse. Then we enter the heart of the program with the option Countdown, a countdown that we will establish with the time that must elapse before the computer turns off.

In addition to turning it off and to determine how the computer will shut down, we can also leave it turned on but blocked to possible intruders. In this lock mode the shutdown options and countdown are automatically disabled.

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