Twitter adds the option to mute users

How to follow someone or deny our friendship in social media is a commitment for many because there are users who do not take it at all well. However, many users have in our timelines we prefer to stop reading for different reasons but can not delete them and for that Twitter has come to our aid and enabled the mute function to specific accounts.

twitter mute option

Having this functionality was already possible thanks to some customers but Twitter was experimenting with it and finally added both official Android and iOS clients and their version. If you want to use in this case you only have to click on the ‘More’ button that appears under the message of a user and the option of silence will appear. This option also appears on the ‘More Actions’ are displayed when viewing a user.

After mute a user and not see their tweets and retweets or his notifications on it though if that user can keep doing what we want with our tweets because he will not know we have it muted.

Make a ‘unfollow’ of the user would be just as effective but if you have users who must keep for some reason you can use this option particularly suitable for users who get very heavy flooding your timeline, some that do spoilers of your favorite shows or people you prefer not to know anything for a while.

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