Twitter and Amazon team up to allow purchases with a single tweet

One of the keys to run a online store is to offer users a simple way to purchase the products. At Amazon the buying process already works pretty well but after the announced partnership with Twitter to add a product to their shopping cart is going to be as simple as responding to a tweet.

Twitter and Amazon team

This will be possible thanks to the AmazonCart utility which begins to be available in the U.S. and United Kingdom. With AmazonCart those users who wish to can link their accounts at Amazon and Twitter. From that moment you can add products to the shopping cart simply reply to any tweet that contains a link to a product from Amazon including the hashtag #AmazonCart.

This utility is available only for public accounts. Reply the tweet does not imply that the purchase was done automatically, i.e., simply added to the cart and later we can confirm the purchase or not so those who have a tendency to compulsive shopping may think more carefully if they need what they asked for.

In this video Amazon shows how AmazonCart works:

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