Twitter could eliminate the ability to send private messages to any user

Twitter continues to explore new options for their network and experiencing the coming few weeks ago was the ability to send direct messages to people who do not follow each other. It seems that Twitter makers are not convinced at all to incorporate this functionality and so far have disabled it.

twitter eliminate send private messages

This functionality was active from late October for some users. Twitter seemed wanted to get close to instant messaging style like Whatsapp, Line, and the similar. We do not know if it is that the tests have not been satisfactory or that it is simply a step backwards to return stronger and bring an improved version of the functionality but combat applications such as Whatsapp that are already so seated among the users is not a task nothing simple.

To try also handles Twitter interface changes to improve access to messages from the navigation bar on Twitter and not have to go to the tab of the user profile. How about this idea for Twitter to resemble Whatsapp? What is complicated and perhaps also somewhat annoying to users who might be exposed to receive lots of messages?

It would have to see how it is finally implemented and the mechanisms that offers Twitter so users can prevent many unwanted messages from unknown people.

This is not the only improvement in the working Twitter that has also added new filters to facilitate the search for images, videos or tweets as well as a tab #Descrube enhanced to facilitate the discovery of trends.

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