Twitter evaluates the option to have favorite users with a separate timeline

In Twitter continue working to provide useful features for users and one of the last who are evaluating has to do with the ability to mark certain accounts as favorites. At the moment this option is under evaluation and, depending on the reception that has among the testers, we will see it in the future in our accounts or not.

twitter favorite users

The option of checking accounts as favorites would be an evolution of the current lists of Twitter. If eventually could include adding a favorite brand to some accounts. Then we could separately review our full timeline or the timeline of these popular accounts so that their publications would be easier to follow that would no longer lose in the middle of the tweets from the many other accounts that follow.

Favorite brand may also have utility in terms of notifications and we could enable or disable notifications for this group accounts as we more interested at all times. Although this functionality shared goal with the use of lists, it would be better from the point of view of usability and that at least in the evaluation version has been located in the main menu of options available to a single click.

For now we must wait to see if considered useful and available to all users. What do you think? Do you think that it will be helpful?

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