Twitter will notice on its Web version

Recent studies appeared on Twitter that indicate that many users are leaving without seeing the social network utility or approximately 40% are less active should be a spur to its developers that continue to make improvements with which to curry favor with their users. The latter has to do with the notifications to arrive in the web version of Twitter in brief.

twitter web version

Notifications are commonplace in Twitter clients but users we missed the web version which is necessary to cover the tab notifications or private messages to see whether there was any interaction. In short, it is not necessary to do this because will pop-up windows appear when someone interacts with us.

This new functionality was discussed on the official Twitter blog which also states that all notices be configurable so we can decide whether or not to use them for example believe that the emergence of these notifications can mislead us and worse our productivity.

Notifications jump when someone does us a retweet, when a tweet is marked as favorite, when someone answers, follow us or send us a private message with the possibility of having active all, none, or only some.

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