Two programs for overclocking: Extreme Tuning Utility and AMD OverDrive Utility

Some of you will be aware of what the overclocking and benefits and possible consequences. Basically overclocking is to increase the speed in processors, leading them to their limit or beyond, in theory improving the performance of your computer.

AMD OverDrive Utility

The overclocking is a common practice among some fans in the computer industry, but it’s an adventure given the results that it can give. That is, we can do very well and succeed in increasing the power of the device, but ultimately this can cause irreversible damage to the processor and other components. If you are one of the most daring and you cheer, we show two programs to do: Extreme Tuning Utility and AMD OverDrive Utility.

The first program focuses on Intel processors, while the latter specializes in AMD. Extreme Tuning Utility is offered by the same Intel and with it you increase the clock speed of the processor, memory and bus to improve performance. The application can also change, adjust and monitor the voltages, temperatures, fan speed and see the changes through a graph. Available for Windows 7 and 8.

The utility dedicated to the AMD processors also offers a few settings almost similar to that of Intel, allowing controlling every aspect of the changes, with certain parameters considered as safe. AMD OverDrive works with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Finally, it is important that you read all the documentation that brings these programs before making any changes to your computer. Change the default values of a processor, can lead to stability problems and even bigger problems at the internal components in the computer.

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