UFW – facial recognition software in the U.S.

UFW or Universal Face Workstation is the new face recognition software that the FBI has provided to all police organizations across the United States.

facial recognition software

This new software deployed has a national database of eye recognition; this software has been tested since February in Michigan and released on September.

The operation of the software is intended for police analysts who have access to a database of approximately thirteen million images. The purpose of the UFW and it is easy to make a police search using images.

The FBI has invested approximately one million dollars in the development of this program which identifies people through images, through marks, scars and tattoos that the images have.

According to statements by the head of the technology division of the FBI, this software is one hundred percent operational in 2014, being the first places where implant Maryland, Ohio, Kansas, Texas, Hawaii, South Carolina, Nebraska, New Mexico and Missouri.

It also has been clarified that the nearly thirteen million images stored in the database only will include images of police files of criminals obtained in the arrests that are made in the police stations, this means no use images from other sources such as Internet.

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