UltraVNC and TeamViewer alternatives for remote control computer

Since a few years ago, TeamViewer has been shown to be the best alternative in the remote control of other computers, although there are programs that can replace and meet almost the same functions, such as UltraVNC. Both programs work by creating virtual network, so it will be possible to remotely control another computer.


The control of a remote computer involves tasks such as being able to access all other computer functions. We control our desktop remotely, launch programs, transfer files or even receive video from the client.

This puts us to achieve a fairly wide range of possibilities. We do remote support, we can access the computer at work or home without physically being there, even we can control another computer dedicated solely to play movies or music.

Both programs are prepared to solve problems of connection between two computers. For example, there is the automatic reconnection in case of disconnection or handling protocols such as NAT to NAT. For those who need to move folders with many files between client and server, both programs encrypt and compress the information. For those who give support, may have an active chat window with the client computer.

The two programs fulfill very similar, although naturally TeamViewer has behind it the fact of having several millions of users and being the best known. UltraVNC may be the least amount of resources used in the two. Finally, both programs are free for home use.

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