Uniblue presents MaxiDisk: Tool to defragment hard drive

Computer care is a full time job, and in order to maintain a Windows operating system running as the first day it is necessary to carry out data cleansing, defragmentation, and why not, constant enhancements to the registry. While it is possible to perform these tasks manually is easier to leave the hard work to an application as MaxiDisk.


Although in principle MaxiDisk is a tool to defragment the hard drive, is a big step for those who have only used the tool included in Windows. In general the process of analysis is carried out much faster than in Windows and at the end of this comes a report of how our data are distributed, in this way we know whether or not it is necessary a defragmentation.

As it is well known, the reorganization of the files on the disk is something that takes a long time (although it depends on the amount of GB that we have), but it is something that is worth doing and much more if we have never done.

MaxiDisk also has a cleaning tool of the system that you can use to track all the files waste as well as unnecessary backups that only cause loss of disk capacity. In fact, the program also offers the opportunity to compress the largest files for releasing even more space.

Finally there is the ability to schedule defragmentation and can uncompress any files that were compressed previously with the utility.

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