USB Cleaver: Android tool to infect PCs

Android is increasingly at the center of the news, thanks to the exponential increase of mobile device users, their qualities as unsafe system and serve as a means of attack on other platforms. And just this last feature is what we’ll talk here, since an application called USB Cleaver to infect PCs; just connect your phone to PC.

USB Cleaver

The discovery has been made by analysts of F-secure and the application in question consists of a small file of 3Mb that has the ability to steal passwords of Windows of many programs, in addition to steal the password of the Wi-Fi connection of the PC of the victim.

USB Cleaver consists of an executable and an autorun.inf file where you can specify which programs will be attacked. The passwords are stored in the Logs folder that the utility creates the same card in the phone’s memory, so it remains to open that folder once the infection and data theft has spread, to see the data that are of concern to the attacker. For more information, USB Cleaver has a graphical user interface that lets you choose what will cause the infection and what data will steal the attacked PC.

However, USB Cleaver has a weakness: no help if attacked wl Windows attacked has deactivated the auto-execution of the applications contained in the USB. And this feature is disabled by default in Windows 7 and 8. If the PC attacked account with a Windows older, may require special drivers to recognize the phone, which would be another obstacle against the effectiveness of this threat.

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