VarieDrop resized images from the Contextual Menu

There are many times that we need to resize an image. Therefore when we go to upload any photo that we have taken with a digital camera, where many times the size of the camera output is larger than what we really want, like when we need to upload a photo to a blog or forum where there are image size restrictions.

VarieDrop resized images

There are many utilities that allow us to resize a photo. Some only increase or decrease the size, while others do not maintain the aspect ratio, so that the image is not deformed. And here’s where programs like Variedrop. Not only will change the image size, but keep it in a folder, all from the right mouse button.

The program has four programmable profiles, if we need to switch to different sizes of image, either simultaneously or separately. First of all we define the parameters for each profile (called “zones” by the program). In these parameters we can define the output format, size or a fixed aspect ratio (one size) or maximum, where we will have to give the photo a width, while the length will be calculated automatically by the agenda. Also here is where we define the output format of the photo.

Variedrop is to be able to define in advance these parameters and that run automatically from the contextual menu with a new entry is added to the Send To option. Thus just right click on the picture in the Send to … Variedrop, it will resize to the values ​​we have set and saved in a specific folder.

As a last point, if we do not want to wait for the program we can convert the image into four formats, or different sizes within the same folder, we must disable the boxes of the areas for which the program to work alone with the one we want. If you need to change the size or format, we should just define another zone and mark the corresponding zone box.

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