VideoLAN VLC 2.1 introduces important enhancements

After two years of work VideoLAN developer team has announced the arrival of the version 2.1 Rincewind! Among the new features, we can mention a new engine and the addition of audio decoding and encoding hardware, versions for mobile platforms, preparation for Video UltraHD 4K and adding more formats that can be played (even more).

VideoLAN VLC 2.1

The Rincewind version has significantly improved the management of audio, better efficiency, better management of files and more volume. But also the addition of the native hardware of the computer to accelerate the decoding tasks of the VLC greatly helps to improve its performance. Good news for users of Intel HD Graphics and QuickSyncVideo Encoding.

Although not count on the hardware described above, VLC has settled some 1,000 errors or omissions in the code. In total, has been achieved to improve the gain, the separation of the stereo and OS blending effects. Also the new version supports new formats of metadata.

Added the video decoding hardware for all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc) and added support for new codecs available in the market, as G2M4, CDXL, MSS2, MSS1, TSCC2, Ut and VBLE.

Being a multiplatform program, VideoLAN VLC 2.1 is available for operating systems, Windows and Mac. Linux and Android will have to wait until the new version appears in the repositories.

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