Videos and group conversations come to Twitter

A time ago Twitter announced that 2015 would bring this news, and so is the social network that was born to publish texts of no more than 140 characters, now presents its new service makes group conversations with up to 20 people and realization and editing videos from the application itself.

group conversations in twitter

We will not have to use other tools to upload photos and videos to our Twitter profile, for both the mobile web version and can use the camera to take pictures or videos up to 30 seconds. It also offers us the option to edit what we record before publishing.

The update to use the camera from the social network very soon comes to Android and iOS. The Apple system users can upload videos that are in the gallery, a function that will be available to Android later. Meanwhile, the first to test this new tweet was Neil Patrick Harris, responsible for driving the 2015 Oscar Awards, who has recorded a video that has been shared with all his followers.

Another update allows us to send direct messages to groups. The messages are private and can only view those who are included in the conversation. This function is also not necessary that users follow each other to exchange messages, which if necessary in the “Direct Messages”.

Users who are within a group conversation can share messages, tweets, photos, etc. Twitter notified when someone includes us in one of these groups, which may consist of up to 20 people. We are talking about a kind of Whatsapp, although in this case we would not need to know the phone number of the people with whom we share group, which is quite interesting that will establish numerous social relations.

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