VirtualBoxes: Download Linux VMs, Open Solaris and FreeBSD for VirtualBox

Not everything is Windows or Mac OS X that glitters. We also have many options for using an open source OS that you can install on your computer. While we follow the path of the LiveCD, LiveUSB or install it on a permanent basis in our disk, either replacing Windows or in addition to Windows, the fact is that virtual machines are an excellent way to test new operating systems without “at risk” to install it on disk.

VirtualBoxes is a site that allows the downloading of multiple virtual machines, previously you miss to VirtualBox. Exactly the 45 images that the site has been prepared previously, bringing together the Linux (the most numerous), Open Solaris, FreeBSD, BSD and other systems like Haiku, AROS, ReactOS or the same Android. All that is needed is to download and run from any flavor of VirtualBox, either from Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

In the download list specifies that the images have been created with the latest software included in each case, available the day when the images were made. It also specifies that have been made to the default settings, so if you want to spin a little thinner with each, the changes at our expense. In each download link mentioned the username and password with which each image has to work.

So find images for Ubuntu, Mint, ArchLinux, Lubuntu, Xubuntu and many more Linux. And if you feel like trying other more exotic OS as Solaris, Nexenta or Milax, can too. In short, very interesting places to try images “prefabricated” of operating systems and decide if finally we stayed with some of them as main system.

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