VLC Media Player 2.0: Blu-ray for Mac, 64-bit for Windows and much more

It seems incredible, but the VLC Media Player had not received an update of such caliber from three years ago. The version 2.0 has arrived with many changes, mainly aimed at the users of MacOS X will now have a revamped interface along the lines of iTunes, with a better adaptation to the environment of Lion.

VLC Media Player 2.0

One of the things that motivate some frustration for Mac users is not to be able to play Blu-ray without an external drive or a dedicated player. It seems that this will be definitely back, since version 2.0 of the VLC Media Player will incorporate experimental playback feature of this medium.

As for the version of Windows or Linux, VLC 2.0 incorporates a specific version for 64 bit Windows, in addition to many technical changes of high flights, such as support for new video or image formats and the addition of new filters for video, together with optimizations and improvements for all versions.

It seems that the creators of VLC Player will not stop here and go for more. In the future, we have designed versions for Android and updating of VLC for IOS.

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