Waterfox: The fastest version of Firefox in 64 bit

Each new version Mozilla Firefox brings improvements that trigger a better performance; but this browser still lacks something very important in today, a 64-bit native version. While there is already an experimental version of Firefox can run on 64 bits, it is still too unstable and not recommended for use on production environments. For this and more has born a fork or variant of the browser called Waterfox.

waterfox 8

As its name and logo indicate, Waterfox is a sort of ‘cousin’ of Firefox; moreover, it is exactly the same source code, the only difference is that Waterfox has been specifically compiled to work on 64-bit versions of Windows. That means that (leaving aside the name), we actually running a full version of Firefox in 64 bits, which will bring further improvements in performance.

Waterfox not limited to offer a version for 64 bit even you have added some improvements to enhance the browsing experience as faster at startup and a little more stability. Another point is that unlike other forks, Waterfox is fully compatible with Firefox in every sense of the word, ensuring safe migration and uncomplicated.

In order to be able to run Waterfox without complications will have to have installed Visual C++ 2010 redistributable, because without it Windows will show a error when trying to launch the browser. On the other hand, we must install the respective versions of Flash, Silverlight and Java to make the browsing experience is not affected. Waterfox 8.0 is now available as a free download for computers with 64-bit versions, i.e. Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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