Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter: Convert a web page to PDF

There are particular cases when we need to convert an entire website to a PDF file, although it is not the cases that are too common in the daily use of a PC. Fortunately, however, we can find a program for specific application and one of them is Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter.

Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter

The application not only convert an entire web page to PDF, but also convert all links on the site and be able to distinguish the frames, but not have control over some other missing features, such as encryption of files or other modifications who want to enter into the final result.

The program converts HTML files, but also converts XML and TXT to PDF. Its use is very simple, you simply enter the URL or file you want to convert and the program will cover all the steps automatically. The only thing missing is that the links that link to other off-site pages that are becoming, not be recognized by the program.

Interestingly, Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter was until recently one of those payment applications, very expensive indeed, and it cost about $40. However, developers have begun to offer it for free.

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