Western Digital will buy SanDisk for $19,000 million

Western Digital and SanDisk are two of the most important companies in the components sector. Take a look at your hard drive, for example. We are sure you will find their names somewhere near the motherboard. For months it was rumored the possibility that Western Digital bought SanDisk. Something that has been confirmed recently. Two of the most important companies of the world will join forces.

Western Digital and SanDisk

The latest movements carried out by Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd, a renowned Asian investment group, could mean the hoot of the operation, which would involve the disbursement of 19,000 million dollars. If all goes well, the acquisition of SanDisk would take place in 2016, with a bid set at $86.50 per share in stock, approximately.

You know that the two companies have a really overwhelming potential, so that joining forces would result in better components and a much higher quality. Without a doubt, a move that will have to do lot with the performance of our computers. On the other hand, mentioning that the business remain very different new technologies. To be a single company would also have reinforced research, with a very interesting result: more advanced components, with more capacity and a lower price.

You need to wait a few months until the operation is concrete and finished, although we know the most interesting details. SanDisk and Western Digital, two of the companies with more weight in the computer industry, join forces. We warn that we will get a lot of surprises.

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