What IOS 6 limits the number of applications that can be installed?

Beta versions of IOS 6, the new OS to be released next fall, limit the number of applications that can be installed on a single device. According to developers, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will become unstable in iOS 6 with some 500 applications until the moment that can not even boot with the installation of some theoretical 1000 applications in total.

iOS 6

According to the news, Apple was aware of the problem but had not put hands to the work to get a solution, because “the number of devices that may have more than 500 applications are too few” (only for the iPhone can be found approximately 700 applications in the Apple Store).

It has been mentioned that the number of applications may raise by the arrival of more advanced and increasingly widespread use that is given to these devices in day to day, although more than 500 applications is not something that is too common.

Although Apple has not yet submitted iOS 6, the beta version of iPhone OS and SDK 6 will be available immediately for the members of the iOS program developer, from where the problem has been detected in iOS 6. Although the company says that apple will provide a solution to the problem, probably not scope to do so before iOS 6, but it will have to extract in future update.

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