WhatsApp Plus Reborn, becomes the great alternative to WhatsApp

It has been months since we could enjoy WhatsApp Plus, a version of the popular instant messaging application that provided some very interesting additions. Its end already knows: in addition to being removed from the bazaars, WhatsApp proceeded to ban users who had to install it. There was no place for not authorized modifications. However, it seems that was not the last touch.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn

As we have seen recently, it is now available WhatsApp Plus Reborn, a sort of WhatsApp Plus. At the moment we do not know if developers are the same. And it added a good amount of features that are not found in the original application.

Among others, WhatsApp Plus Reborn includes a catalog of styles and additional topics, the ability to optimize the size of the files you send or receive, or change in color of the icon. And we say that these are just some of the opportunities, since the application is still growing and providing very interesting developments.

Mention additionally that WhatsApp Plus Reborn allows neither the use of voice calls or using the original application. They are limits that you have to accept in case you want to enjoy the other novelties.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is a good alternative that, despite putting at risk our WhatsApp account, provides excellent features. We are sure that more than one will be already using it. In any case, we recommend keeping track of developments that are announced soon. There could be surprises.

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