WhatsApp reaches 900 million monthly active users

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular application of the moment. It is not only used to be continuously in contact with our friends and family. It has also changed the culture, even adding a few words to the usual vocabulary. The success is so overwhelming that we can see the program running in the most unlikely situations.

WhatsApp reaches 900 million

You know that the company does not usually publish their statistics regularly. The data arrives at the net every few months so we can get an idea of the performance of the application. Although, according to the latest numbers that have come to the Internet, it is clear that active users have risen as the foam.

In January this year WhatsApp confirmed they had reached 700 million monthly active users worldwide. Since then, the bulk of people who use the project on a regular basis have grown surprisingly up to 900 million monthly active users.

As detailed in the announcement, three quarters of Android users have the application installed, that number drops to 22% for iOS devices and up to 10% on Windows Phone devices. The rate of adoption in these devices is quite minor, although it is safest to go increasing over the coming months. No doubt that the success of WhatsApp is quite large.

The team is still working on new features and versions that will be coming to the bazaars in which it is available. We recommend you to take a look at the beta editions published in the official website.

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