When your hard drive becomes unrecoverable

It has happened to all: suffer the unpleasant experience that one day of these Windows or Linux or the operating system that we have, to an unrecoverable error, strange and incomprehensible, and that our computer can not load the operating system.

hard drive becomes unrecoverable

There are tools that can be responsible for correcting errors, if we can still get into Windows, as well as Linux distros that are specially made to correct any problems with the hard drive.

Although the Windows Recovery option is recommended by many specialized sites, the truth is that rarely can correct the problem, on the contrary, the disc in question may be worse than before, according to the magnitude of the errors.

As an example, a button. Suppose a computer with one of the disks damaged in one of its partitions. It is not an operating system partition, but the information that there keeps also important. The problem is that none of the tools of Hiren’s Disc or Ultimate Boot CD has been able to recover the damaged sectors (much less the files) and there is no more than euthanasia.

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