WinDirStat: Detect large files that go unnoticed

Not all programs uninstallers provided by deletes all directories and files contained in them, sometimes leave remnants of facilities that must be cleared manually. But it can happen that we have downloaded a particular movie or an image and then forget to erase them. No need to search folder by folder to know where these files have been, WinDirStat comes to our rescue.


The program performs a graphical map and will listing those files of more weight in our disk, starting with the most voluminous. After the initial scan of the disc, we will list the top with all the largest files first and at the bottom the curious graphical map of our disk, where the files are differentiated by colors and cubes proportional to file size.

The file list is also divided by directories and subdirectories, so that there is no corner of the disk that WinDirStat can not reach. It also offer the references of the colors with which each file type is distinguished. We can see which parts of the map correspond to files of video, audio, images, system files, etc.

WinDirStat are versions for all Windows, although the author recommends other options for Linux users and Mac OS. For Linux we recommend a similar program called KDirStat, while for Mac recommended Disk Inventory X and GrandPerspective.

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