Windos 8 return to Windows 7 Professional

We are finding that many users have installed Windows 8 on their PC and are not happy with its performance, or just do not like the new Microsoft operating system.

Windows 7 Professional

That is why, today we will talk about the possibility of downgrade Windows 8 for free, but for this, we have the license of Windows 8 Pro.

The downgrade would make our pc go from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Professional, it is very important to review before we do this; there are official Windows 7 drivers for all components that we have installed on our PC.

If this is so, we will have no problem in doing the downgrade, although caution is always important to make a backup of our operating system.

To perform the downgrade we will need a disk for installation of Windows 7 Professional as well as a valid license.

The first step is enter a boot disk and reboot to begin the process of installing Win 7 as we continue the steps indicating the installation goes so far to enter the license and introduce the original license of Windows 7.

Entering the license will give error (because it is already in use) and then we call Microsoft and tell them that we are doing a downgrade to Window 7 from version 8. Then they will provide a unique activation code that we will introduce and already it will trigger our system with Windows 7 license.

That’s all, it is so easy can return to running our Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.

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