Windows 10: Goodbye to the forced restarts of the update

One of the things that bothered us about the Windows updates was that after installing them it was necessary to restart the computer. Something that does not happened in other operating systems. Microsoft has been working on this, being aware that it was a topic that bothers users. They finally got a solution. It will be implemented in Windows 10 Creators Update.

windows 10 update

Microsoft, the request to restart the computer after installing updates, has implemented a new option that allows you to postpone this off until three days. This is logical, considering that many workers take several hours to restart their computers in order not to lose work.

Clearly, there is a limit to restarting your computer for updates to take effect. This limit, put in three days, has been considered sufficient by Microsoft because frequently the installed patches perform safety, that is, solve problems that are sometimes serious. And, if they are not installed, we would be exposed to risks in the form of vulnerabilities.

In any case, Microsoft should continue to work on installing updates, trying to get us to not be forced to restart the computer after implementing the latest security patches. An aspect of which you can already take an example in other operating systems.

Do not forget that Windows 10 Creators Update, the next major update of Windows 10, will be available for download in the coming weeks. A patch that will include a lot of new features.

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