Windows 7 wont kill Linux

There has always been a war between linux and windows. With the smarter surviving the market, here windows 7 appears. Microsoft owns the os market with about 90% users. Linux being free, although is not coming even 10% of the market. The reason why microsoft dominates the market is not because they are very efficient.

Windows 7

It is only because people used to work with it for years. Microsoft got off the market a little bit only when windows vista was released. It was not as good as XP and it sold out only because the computer manufacturers forced its customers to use vista.

Linux has been in the market for a long now. But it is fastly gaining heights as free software and opensource is soaring high. Linux has evolved a lot with user friendly interface and robust free programs. These days linux users has all the resources available like a windows user except a few which are said to be compensated soon. Linux is all about security and multitasking than windows. The underlying linux base is much more efficient and powerful than windows OS. Look at bash and CMD, you can feel the difference.

The developers for windows are only a few while for linux it amounts to millions. Anyone can be a partner. It is said that within 10 years linux will overtake windows. Windows has always been affected by virus attacks and security vulnerabilities. One need to spend a lot of money to keep the system running. Thus as time progresses linux will be the dominating power. Linux grows at a much higher rate than windows….

One should note that a free beer is a free beer. So with this we can conclude that Windows 7 wont kill Linux.

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