Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available

After the Developer Preview, launched earlier this year, and is available Consumer Preview version of Windows 8, you can download to test a prototype version of what will be the final version of Microsoft’s new operating system.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Among the new options now includes Windows 8, include some aggregates that had commented to the passing of the months, but which were not included in the Developer version. For example, the Semantic Zoom: Semantic zooming is searching or moving between groups of applications or subgroups from the start, which is not all as there are more new features, which we show below in a summarized way.

One of them is Notification; small messages that the applications displayed on screen, the style of a news reader (perhaps more appropriate use); the Switcher or program change, performs the function of the old ALT-TAB, showing images in tile for each open program, suspended or closed.

Integration with Microsoft account allows all those who enter with your Windows Live ID to synchronize Windows 8 with other computers or portable devices and wherein the SkyDrive service will have an absolute role, since the synchronization will be thanks to the aforementioned SkyDrive.

In addition to a new context menu for the home, the home screen has been amended with minor changes, adding more functional applications such as Xbox Live Games, Bing Weather, Bing Maps, Calendar, Mail, Video, SkyDrive, People, Photos, Music, Messaging, Camera, ing Finance and Xbox Companion.

Finally, the Internet Explorer 10, with support for add-ins and the Metro version that it does not supports any type of add-ins, but that can “remember” in the future the web requires the version with the plug-ins.

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